Ruby Rhino

It seems everywhere I looked last week, someone was talking about Ruby Rhino. Or perhaps the design trio – Hannah, Luke and Gavin – are just doing really well on the social media front (I have spent a lot of time glued to Twitter recently – here’s their page).

Whatever the case, the point is that my attention was drawn to them – possibly by the fabulous name – and the first link I followed took me to this gorgeous upcycled table. The top is made from an old door. Isn’t that clever?

Samuel table from Ruby Rhino

Samuel table from Ruby Rhino

The store sells antique, vintage and upcycled old furniture, so every piece is unique. They also provide bespoke items, so if you don’t see anything that’s quite what you’re after, they can source and make up something just for you.

Henry Victorian chest of drawers from Ruby Rhino

Henry Victorian chest of drawers from Ruby Rhino

I love upcycling, not only because there’s something lovely about a piece of furniture with a bit of history, but because I really hate the throw away mentality that so many people subscribe to. So well done Ruby Rhino, on being both green and stylish!

Oscar sideboard from Ruby Rhino

Oscar sideboard from Ruby Rhino


Annie Sloan paint

Annie Sloan ©

I have a new crush: Annie Sloan. Or rather, Annie Sloan’s incredible Chalk Paints. If you’ve never heard of them, you really need to investigate – the colours are delicious, they stick to anything (wood, metal etc) with no need for sanding or primer, and it’s ridiculously easy to create stunning effects.

Annie Sloan ©

I took part in an Annie Sloan furniture painting course led by Emma Purvis of Kindle House last weekend, and have been buzzing ever since. I’d been wondering what to do with my almost 20-year-old pine furniture (servicable but boring as anything) for ages. Now I have the answer.

Annie Sloan ©

I can’t say too much about my fantastic day yet, because I’ll be writing about it for the next issue of WM magazine. I’ll let you know when it’s out, but in the meantime do check out Annie’s website and that of Kindle House, which sells a gorgeous range of homewares and gift items.

Annie Sloan ©

You can also buy one of Annie’s many books, including the latest two: Quick & Easy Paint Transformations (which I will definitely be getting a copy of) and Creating The French Look.

Annie Sloan ©

Art at Paintworks

I’ve just discovered three business cards stuffed into my diary. I picked them up back in March at an art market at Paintworks in Bristol.

My friend Jenni Stone, a surface pattern designer, was selling her wares there, so I went along to show my support. Don’t you just adore this cushion? I love the way the warm chocolate brown colour keeps the butterfly print from becoming overly girly.

I also discovered a few fab artists I thought I’d share with you here…

Kerry Tremlett: I fell heads over heels for with this painting, ‘Jug of blossom with lemons’, and wasn’t at all surprise to find that it sold really quickly.

‘Jug of blossom with lemons’ by Kerry Tremlett

Graham Williams: Although I think his seascapes are beautiful, what I really like is the way Graham presents them on old board, giving each picture a rough edge that really adds interest.

A seascape by Graham Williams

Imogen Harvey Lewis: What’s not to love about these pen and ink drawings? The illustrator also transforms her images into fabric dolls, which I may well have to buy for my godson one of these days soon.

‘Duck’ by Imogen Harvey Lewis

I wish I had more money to buy art, not to mention more wall space. But there’s nothing to stop me looking and dreaming, right?

91 magazine

Photo by James Royall

One thing I love about the internet is the way it allows talented people to share their work with relatively little financial cost.

Would Caroline Taylor (Patchwork Harmony) have been able to successfully launch a paper and ink magazine in today’s climate without serious backing? Probably not. But online? Now that’s a different story.

I discovered 91 magazine earlier this year, and immediately knew I had to be involved. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of such a creative team?

So I was very pleased when Caroline asked me to write ‘In pursuit of craftiness’, the seller spotlight feature in the summer issue. Check it out on page 14-17.

Photo from Inkkit / Etsy

But don’t stop there. The magazine is packed full of breathtaking images, interesting and entertaining features, and loads of great tips to inspire you in your own home and life in general.

Have a browse and let those creative juices flow.

Photo from Lola’s Room / Etsy

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at the contributors page and check out their individual blogs and websites. Like I said, there are a lot of talented people out there.

Welcome to my world…

© Rin Simpson 2012

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by for the launch of Glass Jars & Photographs.

Whether you’re a hard core interiors fan or just like looking at pretty pictures and dreaming, you are most welcome here.

I promise I won’t tell you what to think or what to like. I promise I will avoid words like “must buy” and “latest trend”.

I promise always to keep it real and remember that you’re (probably) not a millionaire or willing to update your whole look each and every season.

Personally, I just want to show you a few things I like, and practice using my new Nikon D3100.

Sometimes I may include a ‘how to’ piece or tutorial. I may feature interviews with people I think are talented and interesting, and I’ll probably have the odd rant.

But I’ll always try to avoid pretensions and posturing. Because I’m not like that, and I don’t think you are either.

So let’s kick off with a few of my favourite things, things that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you too.

Quirky vintage

Natural artisan

English florals