Art at Paintworks

I’ve just discovered three business cards stuffed into my diary. I picked them up back in March at an art market at Paintworks in Bristol.

My friend Jenni Stone, a surface pattern designer, was selling her wares there, so I went along to show my support. Don’t you just adore this cushion? I love the way the warm chocolate brown colour keeps the butterfly print from becoming overly girly.

I also discovered a few fab artists I thought I’d share with you here…

Kerry Tremlett: I fell heads over heels for with this painting, ‘Jug of blossom with lemons’, and wasn’t at all surprise to find that it sold really quickly.

‘Jug of blossom with lemons’ by Kerry Tremlett

Graham Williams: Although I think his seascapes are beautiful, what I really like is the way Graham presents them on old board, giving each picture a rough edge that really adds interest.

A seascape by Graham Williams

Imogen Harvey Lewis: What’s not to love about these pen and ink drawings? The illustrator also transforms her images into fabric dolls, which I may well have to buy for my godson one of these days soon.

‘Duck’ by Imogen Harvey Lewis

I wish I had more money to buy art, not to mention more wall space. But there’s nothing to stop me looking and dreaming, right?



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