Ideal Home – August issue

Hours of fun…

I love Ideal Home magazine. It’s that perfect middle-of-the-road publication, which stays on top of the trends but is really accessible and not at all up its own backside.

This latest issue has a coastal theme, which I absolutely love. The nice thing about a themed issue is that you see how it’s possible to take one trend and work it in loads of different ways.

There are some particularly fabulous real life homes on offer, including a budget-conscious, driftwood inspired cottage that proves you don’t have to be a millionaire to have good taste.

Of course, there are also plenty of products to buy. Isn’t that half the fun of magazines, the way they allow you to create a fantasy shopping list? Here’s mine from this month’s issue:

1) I have a soft spot for designer tea towels, and these are just gorgeous…

Fish tea towels £13 each, Rowan & Wren

2) Reclaimed materials used innovatively make for great statement pieces…

Driftwood sideboard £475, Buy The Sea

3) I know maps have been done to death but the colours in this one and the texture in the frame makes it stand out from the crowd…

Heart map £45, Bombus

4) This Ikea pendant lamp is fantastic value and has a lovely, simple style…

Kroby pendant lamp £15.99, Ikea

5) Finally, I know it isn’t actually something I’d buy for the house, but I love the particular shade of blue on this van (plus the picture just makes me feel happy inside)…

Picnic paraphernalia by H&M Home


8 thoughts on “Ideal Home – August issue

  1. I love the hooks that the tea towels are on! Maps have been done to death, but I still love them. I’ve only just found the perfect one last weekend when in Nottingham’s Homesense. Can’t stop looking at it. So pretty.

    I also love that picture of the van. I want one! I didn’t know H&M and a home section ???

    • @Freya Ooooh, I love HomeSense! Such a great place to bag a bargain. Haven’t been for a while so maybe it’s time for another visit…

  2. I love coastal, Rin. I live in the ‘white house’ – even the floors are white throughout. Deck-chair stripe blinds, driftwood clock, fisherman’s lamp ceiling lights in every room…I live 20 miles from the sea, but this way I get to pretend it’s just outside the door. Aaahh…

    • @Rachel Wow, jealous! Wanna swap with my two bed flat in suburban Bristol?? Although, I did grow up in Cape Town, South Africa, so I’ve had my fair share of beautiful coast.

  3. Thank you so much for including us Rin. The map you selected is one of our maps which we draw in-house, so we take great pride in choosing exactly the right colours. I absolutely love the fish tea towels too, and the Ikea lamp.

    • You’re most welcome! Sorry about the late reply… your comment originally got caught up in the spam filter. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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