Ingrid Eva Creative

The artist at work

Before I start, I would like to point out that the Ingrid of Ingrid Eva Creative is my sister, so this post is entirely nepotistic.

I think you’ll like it though, because my sister really is a very talented and versatile artist.

Check out this piece she did a couple of years ago, from a photo she took on holiday in Sardinia…

Sardinia by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

Amazing, right? It’s even more impressive in real life. This next one was done while she was in South Africa, studying under a good friend of ours, the artist Evelien Burger

Girl with pomegranates by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

I think this nude was done in SA too. I love the way Ingrid uses monotone – she used a similar palette in a painting she did for me one Christmas…

Blue nude by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

This one was done in Argentina, using actual ivy leaves to apply the paint…

Ivy by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

This is a personal favourite, a commissioned piece for a friend of mine done in chalk pastel…

Lily by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

And an abstract, done on a really big canvas, which makes me think of Scotland for some reason (perhaps the feeling of rain)…

Landscape abstract by Ingrid Eva Creative ©

If you want more info, do visit Ingrid’s website, where you can see what she has available or contact her with any commission requests.


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