I discovered a gorgeous shop called Folklore the other day. I love just about every product they stock, from the quirky lighting to the simple textiles and the subtly Scandi furniture and accessories.

Here is style that is so spot on that it doesn’t need to shout about itself. You like it or you don’t, it’s up to you. But you can see the love that has gone into each piece. These designers aren’t trying to impress, they’re too busy expressing themselves.

First pic, second row down – I want that chair!

Sadly, as I don’t live in London, I’ve not yet had a chance to visit the physical store in Islington, which just opened last month. But looking at these photos, I’m definitely going to have to book myself a trip ‘to town’ (as they say) asap.

I even love their walls…

Owned by Rob and Danielle Reid, the store is grounded in a simple ethos: “better living is possible through design”. I have to say, I totally agree.

That lampshade is a beautiful example of upcycling

Here you’ll find designers like Soren Rose Studio (Copenhagen) and Hendzel+Hunt (London), plus cushions made in a collaboration between artist David Shillinglaw and East London’s Working Well Trust.

Everything about this neutral colour scheme makes me happy and relaxed

Craftsmanship, quality, simplicity and durability are clearly the order of the day, with trends taking a back seat. These are treasures you’ll keep for a long time.

I love the raw, unfinished look of this storage unit

If you’re in London, do pop in and have a browse at 193 Upper Street, Islington, or shop online at


2 thoughts on “Folklore

  1. Thanks Chloe. I just wish I could own endless houses so that I could redecorate each one on a whim every time I discover a new shop like this!


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