Choosing a lamp

I’m thinking of giving my study a make over, as I spend so much more time there these days.

I was inspired by this lovely spread in the latest issue of Ideal Home magazine. It’s simple and functional, but with a personalised aesthetic that stops it looking like it came out of a Staples catalogue. I also really love white and grey-blue as a base palette.

Ideal Home magazine, September 2012 issue

I’ve already got a few bits and bobs that I’m planning on using as starting points, including a gorgeous vitage-inspired world map (actually a piece of wrapping paper in an Ikea frame – bargain!) and a set of photographs by the lovely and talented Cassia Beck.

But the one thing I don’t have is a lamp. I want a task light so that I can illuminate my keyboard without having the overhead light on.

So, which one to choose? Now that’s a question. Here is a selection of some that I like…

First up, a pharmacy lamp I’ve been drooling over for about six months. It was out of my price bracket. Really, it still is out of my price bracket. But resisting a sale is sooooo hard!

Green pharmacy lamp £83.30 (was £119), Graham & Green

This one from John Lewis is much more like it, price-wise, and looks a lot like one I saw elsewhere for about six times as much.

Penelope lamp £45, John Lewis

Of course, there’s always the original Anglepoise (ok, I know, I know I can’t afford it)…

Anglepoise Type 75 mini LED lamp £165, Heals

This cute silver number is from Homebase, believe it or not, and a bargain at £29.99. It looks like it might have escaped from Wall-E (Tesco does similar ones in black and in white).

Orlando desk lamp £29.99, Homebase

This Terence Conran design is gorgeous in oak and white (it also comes in red, but I’m not a big fan of bright colours).

Conran Globe task lamp £89, Marks & Spencer

I quite like this functional looking nickel-plated lamp from Ikea.

Barometer work lamp £37, Ikea

So what do you think? Which one would you choose, or have you seen another stylish bargain elsewhere that I should be looking at? Answers on a postcard (or, you know, in the comment box…)


6 thoughts on “Choosing a lamp

    • Lol, I know, isn’t it just incredible? I may email the link to my mum with the subject line ‘Christmas present…’!

  1. The green pharmacy lamp is nice but I like the Penelope lamp as not only is it cheaper, but looks like it’s worth at least twice the amount! Plus, it’s more neutral in colour incase you ever want to decorate or move it to another room in the future.

    • Yes, very good point. If I had all the money in the world, I’d definitely go with the pharmacy lamp, but you’ve got to be realistic about your budget…

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