My new mugs

I don’t have time to write a long post today. I have four feature deadlines in the next five days, and an entire magazine to proof before Tuesday!

But I didn’t want to totally abandon you, and I did get a lovely parcel in the mail this week…

Skagen mugs £4.50 each, Very Nice Things

Aren’t they stunning? I bought a set of four for myself as a present after a particularly long day in which I did an awful lot of work.

It’s true, you do have to be a little careful when you first make a cuppa, because they do get hot. But as your tea/coffee/hot chocolate cools a little, they turn into snuggly hand warmers.

The photo? No, it’s not mine. I’d have taken one, only – yep, you guessed it – I don’t have time.

See you next week!



I’m a big fan of wallpaper, properly used. I’ve never used much of it myself though, mainly because I’ve never learned how to hang it. But when I redo my study I’m seriously considering having a bit of a feature wall.

I seem to get an awful lot of press releases featuring new ranges, so I guess as a whole we’re still enjoying patterns over paint, and I must say that there are some truly adventurous designs around.

Here are a few of my favourites for the autumn winter season…

1) I love Pictus, the debut collection from St Vitus, which includes this gorgeous Cygnus design – not something I’d necessarily be brave enough to have in my own home, but I’d admire anyone who did:

Cygnus wallpaper (10m roll) £79, St Vitus

2) There are plenty of leaf print wallpapers around at the moment, but this one by Sandberg has that school textbook look that I love, and uses colour cleverly to create a real sense of calm:

Ria wallpaper (10.9m roll) £56.50, Sandberg

Ria wallpaper (10.9m roll) £56.50, Sandberg

3) Oh to be a kid again! This magical, fairytale wall paper is amazing and it kind of makes me want to have children just so I can decorate their rooms (is that a bad thing?):

Lilleby children’s wallpaper by Boråstapeter (10.05m roll) £55, available at Wallpaper Direct

4) This design is kind of mid-century retro, but with a 21st century twist. I think it’s the cartoon like quality that appeals to me; it looks like a hand drawn illustration:

Eco Revival no. 5651 wallpaper by Eco (10.05m roll) £37, available at Tangletree Interiors

5) Yes, this last one is a bit mental, but life’s too short to be boring. And really, who could resist a smile when faced with a room bustling with these little fellas?

Chirpy wallpaper (10.05m roll) by Blendworth £35.50, available at Wallpaper Direct

So, how daring are you when it comes to your walls? What are your favourite brands?

91 magazine – issue 4

Cover image by

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I posted about the last issue of 91 magazine. Where has the time gone?

I know I’m biased, what with being one of this fab e-publication’s writers and all, but I really do think issue 4 – the one year anniversary issue – is the best yet.

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself here.

If you need persuading, here’s just a peak at a couple of the fab interiors gems you’ll find…

Photo by Anna Weinreich

Styled by Charlotte Love, photo by Jonathan Gooch

Image from My Cool Shed by Jane Field-Lewis (£14.99, Pavilion Books)

I’d love to know what you think about my feature on sheds. Have a read and then come back and comment, would you? Thanks lovelies.

Rowen & Wren

September is a dangerous month for me. I’m always at risk of forcing myself into a baked bean and water diet. You see, it’s at this time that the autumn winter ranges come out and every year I am tempted in a hundred different ways.

This week, I stumbled across Rowen & Wren and boy, have I been tempted! There’s just something so enticing about their three latest ranges, which seem to promise to do so much more than just make your home a little prettier.

‘Distant home’ speaks of far away places, with ethnic accents that don’t scream of tourist tat but instead use traditional techniques and a neutral palette that fit elegantly into the pared back artisanal style that’s been so big in the UK this last couple of years.

Beaker £14 and Jug £28 in Chalk White and Ebony, Rowen & Wren

Stone bowls in Rose, Shingle Grey and Marble £48 each, Rowen & Wren

Natural horm teaspoon £4, Rowen & Wren

Denton box pendant £172, Rowen & Wren

‘Refined rural’ is a country style that has nothing to do with chintzy prints or doilies. Instead it’s a more contemporary take on the look, still homespun and gentle with rustic textures and colours, but with a less self indulgent, more practical edge.

Chopping boards from £38, Rowen & Wren

Shere wool cushion £49, Rowen & Wren

Hana teapot with wooden saucer in Glossy Sand £78, Rowen & Wren

Pippin Greywood flower rack £36, Rowen & Wren

‘Timeless living’ is the vintage range which is all about found treasures that will surely become family heirlooms. There’s a hint of the industrial in the silvery touches and chalky textures, but also a beauty that softens the look and ties it together with the rest of the collections.

Greywood bloom vase £14, Rowen & Wren

Heather linen napkin £8, Rowen & Wren

Hanging bloom tubes from £7, Rowen & Wren

Flori tarnished silver pendant £84, Rowen & Wren

I can’t tell which of the three ranges I like best but I’m leaning towards ‘Timeless Living’ at the moment. What do you think?

PS Family and friends – I am majorly in love with those bloom vases, if you’re stuck for a Christmas present idea. Just saying…

Hanham Court Gardens

Being in a flat, I don’t have a garden. Which is probably a good thing, as I have a tendency to kill plants. But I do love flowers and trees and nature in general, and was in my element when I visited Hanham Court Gardens a few weeks ago with my mum.

I took it as another great opportunity to practice with my trusty Nikon DC3100, and got a fair few shots that I was quite proud of. As the summer (what there was of it) seems to be well and truly coming to an end, I thought I would share them now as a kind of celebration of the rare sunny days we did see.

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Photo by Rin Simpson ©