Rowen & Wren

September is a dangerous month for me. I’m always at risk of forcing myself into a baked bean and water diet. You see, it’s at this time that the autumn winter ranges come out and every year I am tempted in a hundred different ways.

This week, I stumbled across Rowen & Wren and boy, have I been tempted! There’s just something so enticing about their three latest ranges, which seem to promise to do so much more than just make your home a little prettier.

‘Distant home’ speaks of far away places, with ethnic accents that don’t scream of tourist tat but instead use traditional techniques and a neutral palette that fit elegantly into the pared back artisanal style that’s been so big in the UK this last couple of years.

Beaker £14 and Jug £28 in Chalk White and Ebony, Rowen & Wren

Stone bowls in Rose, Shingle Grey and Marble £48 each, Rowen & Wren

Natural horm teaspoon £4, Rowen & Wren

Denton box pendant £172, Rowen & Wren

‘Refined rural’ is a country style that has nothing to do with chintzy prints or doilies. Instead it’s a more contemporary take on the look, still homespun and gentle with rustic textures and colours, but with a less self indulgent, more practical edge.

Chopping boards from £38, Rowen & Wren

Shere wool cushion £49, Rowen & Wren

Hana teapot with wooden saucer in Glossy Sand £78, Rowen & Wren

Pippin Greywood flower rack £36, Rowen & Wren

‘Timeless living’ is the vintage range which is all about found treasures that will surely become family heirlooms. There’s a hint of the industrial in the silvery touches and chalky textures, but also a beauty that softens the look and ties it together with the rest of the collections.

Greywood bloom vase £14, Rowen & Wren

Heather linen napkin £8, Rowen & Wren

Hanging bloom tubes from £7, Rowen & Wren

Flori tarnished silver pendant £84, Rowen & Wren

I can’t tell which of the three ranges I like best but I’m leaning towards ‘Timeless Living’ at the moment. What do you think?

PS Family and friends – I am majorly in love with those bloom vases, if you’re stuck for a Christmas present idea. Just saying…


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