Made By Hand

Newport is, I have to admit, not the kind of place I would usually associate with a high end craft fair. But when my friend Nichola Owen told me to check out the website for Made By Hand, I was pleasantly surprised.

The three day event, which this year takes place from 30 November to 2 December, will see over 140 designer makers gather at Tredegar House in South Wales to sell a variety of hand crafted items, from wooden furniture and textiles to glass and ceramics.

There will also be lots of fascinating talks and workshops; always my favourite part of any design exhibition. I quite fancy hearing Clare Stoughton-Harris of The National Trust talking about ‘The art of conservation’, or making ‘Elegant Christmas decorations’ with Liz Lippiatt and Kathryn Clarke.

In addition, there will be demonstrations throughout the weekend, so you can see how it’s done even if you’re not sure about getting stuck in yourself, and there are free workshops for children too. Fantastic!

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a bit of a taste of who and what you might find there, just to tempt you…

1) Virginia Graham is one of my all time favourite ceramicists; her work is quirky and fun and a great example of upcycling:

Tea pot and milk jug by Virginia Graham

2) The genius of this birch ply ‘sphery’ pendant from Cardiff-based homeware brand by kirsty lies in its simplicity. Kirsty Patrick is definitely one to watch:

‘Sphery’ pendant light from by kirsty

3) Oh I do love circles and dots! Just looking at this delightful platter from contemporary glass artist Ruth Shelley is enough to make me smile:

‘Circles’ bowl from ‘Colours’ collection by Ruth Shelley

4) I really like these recycled napkins from textile designer Alison Moger of Moger Designs, which still bear the laundry mark of the hotels they came from and feature screen prints of valleys houses:

Napkins by Moger Designs

5) Ending on a highly sophisticated note, how stunning is this sterling silver ‘condiment vessel’ from Petya Kapralova? It’s called ‘winter moonlight’ too, which I think is lovely:

‘Winter moonlight’ sterling silver condiment vessel by Petya Kapralova

Any of you planning on going along? Maybe I’ll see you there!


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