I love Pinterest

I know, I know, everyone’s been on it for ages. But I’m what the marketing people call a “late adopter” and so it’s taken me until recently to get into Pinterest.

Now that I have, of course, as everyone predicted, I’m completely hooked. It’s essentially hoarding but without having to buy a bigger house. Perfect!

There are a million reasons why I love Pinterest, not least because it has helped me discover some very talented, creative people. Here’s a selection of those I’d definitely recommend checking out…

First, if you haven’t yet come across Design Seeds, you MUST follow for the most incredible colour palette inspiration. While you’re at it, have a look at founder Jessica Colaluca’s page:

Design Seeds on Pinterest

Design Seeds on Pinterest

Blogger Home Girl London is a prolific pinner, with 91 boards and 4,368 pins at last count. She’s got great taste, and shares plenty of room design inspiration as well as current product images:

Home Girl London on Pinterest

Home Girl London on Pinterest

Caroline Taylor of Patchwork Harmony and 91 magazine is another one to watch, especially if you like vintage style design, interiors and photography. The blog is awesome too, and you should definitely check out the mag (not least ’cause I write for it!):

Caroline Taylor on Pinterest

Caroline Taylor on Pinterest

Decor8‘s Holly Becker is on Pinterest (obviously) and it’s safe to say that with over 127,000 followers she’s a pretty popular lady:

Decor8's Holly Becker on Pinterest

Decor8’s Holly Becker on Pinterest

A lot of shops only pin their own products but Anthropologie pins like someone who loves great style and design, and is definitely worth a follow:

Anthropologie on Pinterest

Anthropologie on Pinterest

And of course, you know, follow me! I like to think I’ve got good taste. I’m particularly proud of my Happy Colours and Urban Beauty boards, but this is my favourite recent pin:

My pictures on Pinterest

My pictures on Pinterest

Any suggestions for other boards I should start, or people I should follow?

Oh, and did you know that you can pin from this blog? Do feel free, just be sure to credit the images properly. See you on there!


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