A crafty resolution

I hope you’ll forgive me for posting something that isn’t really about home interiors / design, but there’s something very close to my heart that I want to share with you. And I hope it will inspire you to a crafty New Year’s resolution!

See, there are a lot of hungry people in the world. In fact there are more hungry people than ever, including a whole bunch of kids, and that makes me really sad. No, no… don’t stop reading! Honestly, I’m not doing one of those tragic TV ads, promise. In fact, I’m about to start talking about crafts…

Craftivist extraodinaire, Sarah Corbett, gets her craft on

Craftivist extraodinaire, Sarah Corbett, gets her craft on

See, I’ve recently got involved with this group of people called Craftivist Collective, founded by an incredibly passionate, inspiring and hard-working lady called Sarah Corbett, who use their stitching skills to make a difference.

Right now, they’re involved in the Jigsaw Project, which is running in conjunction with Save The Children‘s Race Against Hunger campaign, to challenge the UK government to end world hunger.

It’s all linked to 2013’s G8 summit, which is being held in the UK. Remember the Make Poverty History campaign last time we hosted the G8? Well, we want to have the same success this time round.

Could you be a craftivist too?

Could you be a craftivist too?

So, what can you do? Well, this is the fun bit – you can make something pretty and powerful! The idea is to stitch three jigsaw puzzle pieces (using these instructions) with encouraging and positive statements in support of a fairer world where no one goes hungry. Like this:

What will you stitch on your piece?

What will you stitch on your piece?

One should be sent in to Craftivist Collective, which will be making a giant art installation piece in March, to raise awareness and make a statement about how important an issue the craft community thinks world hunger is.

The second piece should be sent to your local MP to encourage them to use their important position for good. And the third piece? Well that’s for you, to remind you that you’re a piece of the puzzle and that what you do affects others, whether that’s buying Fair Trade, saving electricity or volunteering.

You can also sign STC’s petition, and then spread the word about the Jigsaw project using the hashtag #imapiece.

You really can be a part of the solution, you know

Together, we can do more…

This project will only work if you get involved. How rubbish will the art installation look if it consists of just a handful of puzzle pieces? Making one takes just long enough for you to reflect on the important issues of world hunger, but not so long that you should put it off until “you’ve got time” (seriously, when’s that going to happen?).

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, I couldn’t think of a better one, could you?

I'm a part of the solution... are you?

I’m a piece of the solution… are you?



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