My Annie Sloan makeover

I finally got around to the Annie Sloan makeover I’ve been planning for ages. Yay! This is what the small chest of drawers looked like to start with:

Boring, right?

I started out by gathering my tools and materials:

  • Annie Sloan chalk paint in Aubusson Blue  – £16.95 per litre
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White – £16.95 per litre (although I had some left over from another project)
  • Annie Sloan clear wax – £7.95 (although again, I also had some left over)
  • Clock drawer pulls from Sense in Clifton Village – £5.95 each
  • My trusty No Loss paintbrush from Harris – from £2.20 for the 12mm (they really don’t lose bristles, which is brilliant)
  • Some cotton rags for applying and buffing the wax (the Annie Sloan wax brush is on my wishlist!)

Don’t you just love those drawer pulls?

It goes on rich and deep and dries to a soft, chalky finish

Having had a lovely long chat about my project with Juliet Seldon, who runs the studio on Gloucester Road which is my local Annie Sloan stockist, I decided to follow her tips and paint the inside of the drawers in solid Aubusson Blue, and only undercoat the areas of the outside that I was planing to distress. I applied the edge bits relatively thick and with a stippling rather than smoothing motion, to create more texture.

That’s not a wand, it’s a chopstick I used to mix the paint!

After that was dry, I applied Old White all over the outside, and along the front and sides of the drawers. I had to touch up a few areas with a second coat, and luckily had just enough paint to get the job done.

Next came the waxing and buffing – all over, inside and out, which was quite a workout! – and then a bit of sanding along the edges where I wanted to blue to show through. Finally I added the drawer pulls and… voila!

What do you think?

What do you think?


I love seeing the rich, dark blue every time I open a drawer


I adore these knobs – definitely worth £5.95 each

* I first learned how to use Annie Sloan chalk paints at a course with Emma Purvis at Kindle House in Wales. There are plenty of other trained tutors all over the country, including Juliet here in Bristol. For more details, visit the Annie Sloan website.


22 thoughts on “My Annie Sloan makeover

  1. Love it! I wish I had some old furniture to refurbish now! Here in Buenos Aires, there are shops that’s sell furniture in crude wood (no wax, varnish or paint) so you can buy the raw product and decorate it as you like. They also do smaller mdf products, like frames, boxes, trays etc, which are perfect for decorating. I will have to take you there when you visit 🙂

    • Mmm, I’m not sure – I’ve not used the brush before, but it seems odd to me that it should lose bristles because all the other AS products I’ve used have been really good.

  2. I love it! I have been painting with Annie Sloan for about a month now,my friend is a stockist where I teach art classes to little ones, we are so impressed with the paint and wax! I love the dark wax too, love the blue you painted inside as well, keep painting!

    • Thanks Nancy! The dark wax is awesome, and I also love doing crackle effect and then ‘filling in’ with clear wax mixed with a little paint in a contrasting colour. There are just so many techniques you can use!


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