Meet the maker: Suzanne King

Today, I’m handing over to my very talented friend Suzanne, the creator of such beautiful porcelain and clay products as this…

Porcelain stripy handleless jugs £36, Suzanne's Pottery

Porcelain stripy handleless jugs £36, Suzanne’s Pottery

Aren’t they gorgeous? Read on to find out what inspires Suzanne and what’s on her home interiors shopping list…

Hi Suzanne, welcome to Glass Jars & Photographs. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

suzanneHi, my name is Suzanne King and I make pottery at my husbands farm in Stratton on the Fosse which is close to Bath. I hand throw pots on the wheel in red clay and white porcelain. I have been doing this since I was 20 years old, and learned in America. My work is designed to use. I have visions of lots of family and friends making memories with my pottery, living with them.

What does your work life look like?

I am self employed and I only work one day a week on my pottery and lots of evenings and weekends. I have been running my business off and on for 15 years and love the freedom of making things I love. I do kids parties and teach sometimes too. The rest of the time I work with the homeless as an outreach worker in Mendip, based in Wells.

White large porcelain matte bottle £30, Suzanne's pottery

White large porcelain matte bottle £30, Suzanne’s Pottery

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love making things that people like using or putting in their home. I am also a fine artist and paint and make sculpture, but for pots it’s a very intuitive thing. Pots are made very physically and I love this – I used to be a dancer so I think a lot of my inspiration comes from letting the clay tell it’s own story.

Retro terracotta mug with cream and brown stripes £12.50, Suzanne's pottery

Retro terracotta mug with cream and brown stripes £12.50, Suzanne’s Pottery

What does your own home look like?

My home is quite functional. I don’t think my creativity is best displayed there! I realise that most of my creativity goes into making things and I find it harder to make my home one of these places. It’s funny, but it makes me nervous! My home is more of a collective of many different styles. I like it, but it’s definitly not my best work!

What would your ultimate home buy be?

A big slab coffee table in raw wood, or a huge kitchen with a massive table in the centre.

For more information, visit Suzanne’s website, or have a look at her online shop on Etsy.



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