Colour me softly

I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to colour. Not harsh, bright colours but soft watercolour shades that are friendly , relaxed and not too ‘in your face’.

I was sent a sample of this wallpaper today (designed by Stina Eldsten, it was one of four winners in this this year’s CAMAC Student Wallpaper competition), and was tempted to frame it and stick it on the wall by my computer so I could look at it all day:

I love how the stylist has combined this with an otherwise minimalist style

A Cabinet of Curiosities wallpaper £27/square metre, Mr Perswall

I think what I like about it is the texture and the lightness that comes from the different saturations of each hue:

You'll be surprised how many unusual colour combinations actually work really well

You’ll be surprised how many unusual colour combinations actually work really well

This set of cereal bowls achieves a similar effect by using the ombre technique, which fades the colours through decreasing saturations to white:

Set of four ombre cereal bowls £47, Jasmine Way

Set of four ombre cereal bowls £47, Jasmine Way

Varying the saturation introduces light into colours that could otherwise be heavy. In this collection of glasses, the combination of the frosted detail and the translucency of the glass has the same effect:

Set of six peony glasses £69, Graham & Green

Set of six peony glasses £69, Graham & Green

It’s all about softness, creating texture visually rather than through anything physical, as this cushion does so well:

Watercolour cushion £70, bluebellgray

Watercolour cushion £70, bluebellgray

And if you’re feeling very brave, you could go wild with this incredible digital mural from Photowall:

Colour drips wall mural  from £26/square meter, Photowall

Colour drips wall mural from £26/square meter, Photowall

So, what do you think – are you a colourful decorator, or do prefer to a more limited palette?


Pedlars mobile shop

Do you live somewhere between North Wales and London? I have some exciting news for you. If you so wish, the Pedlars mobile shop could be making a stop at your home, school, local pub or wherever else is convenient!

This fantastic gifts and homewares company is inviting customers to contact them if they’d like to book a visit from the renovated 1950s Citroen HY van, which will be stocked with a good selection of Christmas gift items, between 26 and 29 November.

Pedlars is a relatively new discovery for me, but their online store (and beautifully designed catalogue) is packed full of gorgeousness. I particularly love the use of colour in so many of their items:

Folkware dining set (6 dining plates, 6 side plates, 6 bowls) £235, Pedlars

Sophisticated Animals napkin set £39, Pedlars

There’s also a good selection of genuine vintage (as opposed to vintage style) items. These chairs, for example, date back to the 60s and were bought from the Fried Dough Concession of a travelling carnival in the US:

Vintage Carnival folding chairs £39 each, Pedlars

And these Hovis tins were actually once used at the Hovis factory, most likely during the 60s:

Hovis tin £39.50, Pedlars

They’ve also got some cute mugs, and you know how I like mugs:

King Of The Road mug £12, Pedlars

If you do visit the Pedlars mobile store, I’d love to hear what you thought of the experience; just drop me a line in the comments box…