A natural Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than five weeks until Christmas. Yay! I absolutely love Christmas, not only because I’m a Christian and I love the fact that God once gave us the best gift ever, but because it’s a great chance to indulge in some of my favourite things – family gatherings, food, present giving and, of course, decorating my little flat.

I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to my decorations, and tend towards green, red and cream, with metallic touches plus lots of rustic texture with wood and felt. But I do love exploring the new ranges on offer every year, and dreaming about what I’d choose if I had to start again.

Right now I’m particularly loving the pared back look, with products made from natural materials in a super neutral colour palette, inspired by Scandinavian, puritan and craft influences. I also love how designers and stylists are increasingly thinking outside the box; how perfect is the arrangement of these lights?

Thor linen outdoor-indoor lights £174, Rowan & Wren

I love snow globes, and this version is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention a great example of upcycling:

Salt shaker snow globe £14, Anthropologie

Retro paper decorations have been revived this year, and this set shows just how effective they can look:

Snowflake fans (pack of four) £25, Petra Boase

These hand felted acorns make gorgeous decorations that you could use all year round:

Hand felted acorn garland by The Original Pop Up Shop £19.95, My Deco

Finally, being an avid crafter, this make-your-own decoration kit massively appeals to me:

Cross stitch kit group £1, The Shop at Number 57

So, what is your Christmas style? And when do you put up your decorations?