I love fresh flowers. One of my favourite things on my wedding ‘to do’ list was meeting with the florist to discuss my bouquet and the rest of the flowers for the day.

We’re planning on doing the table flowers incredibly simply – just lots and lots of frothy gypsophila in groups of mismatched, clear glass jars. Well, you already know I love glass jars, right?

At home though, I am partial to other flower receptacles like jugs and vases. And I’ve spotted some beauties in the shops recently.

These choker vases are beautifully simple and would work just as well with a full bouquet as with these individual blooms:

Choker vases £50 each, Jo Davies London

Choker vases £50 each, Jo Davies London

I do love the nostalgia of milk bottles, but it’s the great colour pairing and vintage font on this one that really drew me:

GreenGate ceramic milk bottle £21, Occa Home

GreenGate ceramic milk bottle £21, Occa Home

I don’t quite understand how anyone could justify spending so much money on an accessory, but I do love Venini’s range of simple, elegant vases:

Venini vases from £897, Yoox

Venini vases from £897, Yoox

These ceramic bottles aren’t strictly meant for flowers, but I think they would look gorgeous with some lush green ferns curling out of the top:

White and blue ceramic bottles from £12.95, Nordic House

White and blue ceramic bottles from £12.95, Nordic House

Pictures on vases can be a distraction from the main event – ie the flowers – but in this case, I think the simple motif would work really well:

Flight of Fancy vase by Fliff £25, Roost Living

Flight of Fancy vase by Fliff £25, Roost Living

I’ve already featured a couple of Rowen & Wren’s vases in this post last year, but they have a new range in that I just adore:

Larkin bubble bottle from £48, Rowen & Wren

Larkin bubble bottle from £48, Rowen & Wren

So, what’s your favourite way to display flowers? I always love reading your comments, so do feel free to leave one!


Glass jars

The origins of this blog’s name can be found in my obsession with glass jars. I absolutely love them. They’re just so versatile. You can keep things in them (preferably buttons and ribbon) or use them as casual vases or even quirky cups.

But I’ve realised that my passion goes beyond just jars; I love all types of glassware, so long as it’s unfussy, preferably a bit vintage or retro, and functional and beautiful in equal measure.

Here are a few examples I’ve fallen for recently. First off is this numbered jar, which has a touch of the schoolroom science lab style that’s so popular right now.

Numbered jar £13.50 and set of tins £45, Living in Store

I actually bought a set of these Picardie tumblers yesterday,  having coveted them since the Jamie’s Italian shoot.

Set of six Picardie tumblers £8.50, The Conran Shop

I’m also planning on getting myself this butter dish with some John Lewis vouchers my friend kindly gave me as a thank you for knitting her a scarf last winter.

Comforts glass butter dish £10, John Lewis

I love the simple philosophical style of this glass. In fact, I like a lot of Space 1a’s designs.

Set of six recycled tall Euphoric glassware £45, Space 1a Design Shop

Ah, the summer of ’96 and my first taste of cider. If I weren’t teetotal these days, I’d definitely be enjoying a glass of Scrumpy Jack in the sunshine.

Retro glass flagon £39.95, Nordic House

There’s nothing to stop me drinking as much pink lemonade as I fancy though, and if I get around to making any this summer, I’ll definitely be serving it from an apothecary bottle like this one.

Apothecary bottle £6, The White Lighthouse

What’s your favourite glassware item, or do you have a different obsession?

Round the camp fire

I’m not sure if it was that camper van in my last post or what, but I’ve got this sudden yearning for all things camping related.

I just have this longing to sleep under canvas, wake up to the dawn chorus, make coffee over a wood fire and wash up in a stream…

Idealistic, I know, but there you have it. I happen to think that idealism can be a lovely quality, in measured doses.

Anyway, the weather is far too nasty to go camping, so in the meantime I thought I’d share a few inspiring images to fuel my dream and yours.

Barbeque essentials from £2.99, HomeSense

‘Bird Song’ camping set £29, Fairwind

Floating copper oil lamps £49.50, Nordic House

Traditional canvas and beech deckchair £70, The Contemporary Home

I just hope one day we get a real summer again, and the camping dream can become a reality!