Industrial chic: Jamie’s Italian

I’ve always loved the industrial look. It’s the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, vintage and contemporary. And one of the best examples I’ve seen recently is Jamie’s Italian in Bristol.

Jamie also happens to employ some of the nicest staff I’ve met, who were kind enough to let me practice on my new Nikon D3100 in the pre-dinner lull.

I have to admit I almost gave up when, after 10 minutes, I still hadn’t managed to figure out the best shutter speed / aperture / other technical stuff I don’t understand to get  a decently lit picture.

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

But eventually I got into the swing of things and was really chuffed when I finally got this ‘blurred background / sharp foreground’ shot I’d been after…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

After that, I really started enjoying myself. In fact, those very lights that were making my life a hard time were great examples of industrial style. Like this enamelled pendant…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

…and this gorgeous string of utilitarian bulbs…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

The chairs are also bang on. These Pauchard-esque bar stools give the place a mid-century retro feel…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

There’s a similar style in the first floor dining section…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

But on the basement level, to keep things mixed up, there are some envy-inducing school style chairs…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

The first time I visited Jamie’s, my friends mocked me mercilessly when I came back from the toilets raving about the decor – horizontal tiling, French brass taps, Belfast sinks, reclaimed wood mirrors; I could have stayed there all evening…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Seriously, aren’t these crackle glaze tiles stunning?

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a look work. Like the right tableware (I must have some of those Picardie style tumblers)…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Simple, honest textiles…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Vintage office furniture…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

A few classic brands…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

Some carefully chosen accessories (I’m a massive fan of chalk boards)…

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

And of course, when it comes to a restaurant, you can’t forget the most important ingredient – great food!

Photo by Rin Simpson ©

For more information, or to book, pop into Jamie’s Italian on 87-89 Park Street, BS1 5PW, call 0117 370 0265, or visit


5 thoughts on “Industrial chic: Jamie’s Italian

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    • Cool! I’m going to be redoing my study at some point in the next few months and a chalkboard is high on the list. May well have to get one of those botanical prints too but I haven’t found many that aren’t super expensive.

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