A natural palette

Having said in my last post that I’m increasingly drawn to colour, I must also point out how very fond I am of naturals.

After falling head over heels in love with a beautifully styled shot on the Anthropologie website, I put together this little montage:


I love how stone, sand and foliage colours combine to create something very special – restful, yet not in the least bit boring.

Well, you can’t go wrong when you follow nature’s palette, can you?



What come first, the love or the trend? Do people love things because they’re trendy, or do they become trendy because people love them?

Honestly? I don’t care. Maps are pretty awesome regardless, so I thought I’d choose them as today’s theme.

Let’s start with this gorgeous map of children’s literature. Do I even need to say anything else?

From Neverland to Wonderland map £12, The Literary Gift Company

You really can have the world at your feet with these (sorry, couldn’t resist!):

Map footstools £279.17 each, Neiman Marcus

Map footstools £279.17 each, Neiman Marcus

This is another colourful example, combining maps with another popular motif of the moment, butterflies:

Framed map butterfly trio £160, Graham & Green

I’ve seen quite a few map print cushions about, but this is one of my favourites:

Zoffany antique London cushion £50, available at John Lewis

I love Michael Hill’s range of map wrapping paper from Lagom Design, available in a variety of colours and locations:

World map gift wrap by Michael Hill £1.50, Lagom Design

World map gift wrap by Michael Hill £1.50, Lagom Design

And finally, a tiny touch for those who just want to give the briefest of nods to this motif:

Cartographer's Cultured handle £8, Anthropologie

Cartographer’s Cultured knob £8, Anthropologie

So, are you a fan of maps? What’s your favourite travel destination?

A natural Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than five weeks until Christmas. Yay! I absolutely love Christmas, not only because I’m a Christian and I love the fact that God once gave us the best gift ever, but because it’s a great chance to indulge in some of my favourite things – family gatherings, food, present giving and, of course, decorating my little flat.

I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to my decorations, and tend towards green, red and cream, with metallic touches plus lots of rustic texture with wood and felt. But I do love exploring the new ranges on offer every year, and dreaming about what I’d choose if I had to start again.

Right now I’m particularly loving the pared back look, with products made from natural materials in a super neutral colour palette, inspired by Scandinavian, puritan and craft influences. I also love how designers and stylists are increasingly thinking outside the box; how perfect is the arrangement of these lights?

Thor linen outdoor-indoor lights £174, Rowan & Wren

I love snow globes, and this version is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention a great example of upcycling:

Salt shaker snow globe £14, Anthropologie

Retro paper decorations have been revived this year, and this set shows just how effective they can look:

Snowflake fans (pack of four) £25, Petra Boase

These hand felted acorns make gorgeous decorations that you could use all year round:

Hand felted acorn garland by The Original Pop Up Shop £19.95, My Deco

Finally, being an avid crafter, this make-your-own decoration kit massively appeals to me:

Cross stitch kit group £1, The Shop at Number 57

So, what is your Christmas style? And when do you put up your decorations?


I love books. LOVE them. And I love displaying them on bookshelves. My other half doesn’t – he says they’re too “noisy”. Good thing we don’t live together, isn’t it??

Anyway, I saw this beautifully simple (and well-stocked) shelving unit from BoConcept, and it inspired me to have a look around for other attractive book display systems.

Just so you know, I’ve purposely chosen current products you can buy today, rather than inspirational but ultimately unachievable pictures that will make you dream but won’t actually get you anywhere.

Lecco wall system £1,1995, BoConcept

This is a pretty little thing, perfect for a small selection of books, perhaps in a guest bedroom. I like that it’s quite country, but the rivets give it a bit of a utilitarian touch:

Attache bookcase £748, Anthropologie

Regular readers will know I love the industrial look. Genuine vintage items cost a packet, but this high street shelving unit is a pretty good bargain (I know it doesn’t have lots of books on it in the picture, but you can use your imagination, right?):

Ladbrook shelving unit £599, Marks & Spencer

I love ladder shelving generally, and this is a great idea for a hallway or a small room where you don’t want a more substantial structure taking up too much space (ooh, and look – yarn!):

Wooden ladder shelf £225, Cox & Cox

But then again, I’d also be quite happy with my books piled up around a comfy armchair like this:

Stranmon wing chair £175, Ikea

So, which do you like best? Or do you think bookshelves or books in general make a room look messy?